Ref No363-G
TitleFeoffees of the Common Lands of Rotherham
DescriptionThe material covers over 400 years of the Feoffees' history, ranging roughly from the mid sixteenth to late twentieth century, although some items pre-date this period, including for example a deed of 1328 (see 363-G/2/10/3). The bulk of the material however, tends to focus on the period between 1851 & 1987, which includes a substantial quantity of records relating to the Feoffees' Christmas dole distributions of money to the elderly between 1947 & 1987 (see 363-G/4/4). The minutes of Annual & Ordinary Meetings of the Feoffees comprise signed minute books covering the period between 7 Feb 1851 & 19 May 1969 (363-G/1/1), and a less complete record of copy minutes and agendas ranging between 1972 & 29 Oct 1987.

Financial records are also fairly comprehensive, with a series of cash accounts for Jan 1851-26 Feb 1968, draft cash accounts for 1 Jan 1968-31 Dec 1986 (363-G/3/3), and printed summaries of receipts & payments for 1892-1977 (363-G/3/2), although a number of annual summaries are missing. There is also a small series of annual accounts, which record the Feoffees' finances between 1978 & 1986 (363-G/3/1). It is worth noting that the existence of the 'Feoffees Book, Part III' in this archive (1606-1727) provides a record of earlier financial transactions, as well as information regarding property (see 363-G/5/1).

The property of the Feoffees is well represented by a substantial collection of deeds, which documents conveyances and leases on various properties, chiefly between the seventeenth century and early twentieth century. The deeds have been grouped according to the property to which they refer, and are described in the catalogue by either the street or place in which the property is located. Consequently, bundles of deeds relating to properties in the same location have been catalogued under one file description. The catalogue also acknowledges the reference numbers that had been attributed to the deeds by earlier lists, namely the 'Records of the Feoffees' by Miss M.H. Mackenzie, and the 'Schedule of Title Deeds', produced by the Feoffees as an inventory of items being transferred to secure storage with Williams Deacons Bank (see 363-G/2/16). Note that the series '363-G/2, Property' also includes material not classified as deeds, but which also relate to the Feoffees' properties.

Regarding the Feoffees' general administration, a number of files of letters exist for the period between 1947 & 1982 (363-G/54-5/18), whilst material relating to the Feoffees themselves mostly comprises photographs [1930-1975] and pieces of ephemera, including a list of names (possibly 16th century) containing the names of some of the early Feoffees (363-G/6). Other notable records include those regarding the proposed restoration of the Chapel on the Bridge (363-G/4/6, 1882-1915), Grammar School Minute Book (363-G/1/5/1, 1889-1906), and a file containing papers relating to the Charity School, and general finance & property (363-G/5/2, 1799-1930).
Extent20 vols
76 files
675 items
Access StatusOpen
TermPoor relief
Charity records
Common land
Nonprofit organizations
DS/UK/325The Feoffees of the Common Lands of Rotherham Charity; fl.2006; Charity for the relief of the poorfl.2006
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